Girl on Fire by Tony Parsons – Book Review


OMG Wow! Just wow!

This story felt so close to reality because events like this are sadly common place in this day and age.  On more than one occasion parts of the book gave me goose bumps, it certainly evoked an emotional response from me.

Saying that I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was emotional, sad, happyand devastating in places, it had it all and that’s why I think it was such a good book.  OMG that ending, Nooooooo!

I feel quite exhausted after reading Girl on Fire, I need to have a rest to let my heart rate get back to normal.  There was non-stop action throughout the book that didn’t let up, I just had to keep turning pages to see what was going to happen next.  I read the book pretty quickly as I had a really hard job putting it down, it was the type of book to keep you up late because you don’t want to stop reading.

The book also made me think a lot about the world we are living in today.

This is only my second book I have read by Tony Parsons and I will definitely be reading more, this book deserves the 5 stars that I am going to give it, it is a really great piece of writing, I highly recommend it.

Here is the publishers blurb on the book:

ALMOST HOME. BUT NOWHERE TO HIDE. From the number one bestselling crime-writer comes a brilliant, page-turning new DC Max Wolfe thriller.

‘Remarkably moving’ The Times

When terrorists use a drone to bring down a plane on one of London’s busiest shopping centres, it ignites a chain of events that will draw in the innocent and guilty alike.

DC Max Wolfe finds himself caught in the crossfire in a city that seems increasingly dangerous and hostile.

But does the danger come from the murderous criminals that Max is tracking down? Or the people he’s trying to protect?

Or does the real threat to Max lie closer to home?

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The Child Next Door by Shalini Boland – Book Review

Wow! This book was intense from the start right through to the end. Very cleverly written the ending blew me away, I had no idea. All through the book I had an idea in my head but I was so wrong!

A few words that spring to mind when I think about this book are shocking, mind blowing, creepy and intense.

The Child Next Door is the sort of book that you can’t put down, you get sucked into the characters lives and you just have to keep reading to discover what is going to happen next. It really is unputdownable!

Reading a book like this really makes you wonder what’s going on in your own street, will I be eyeing up my neighbours with suspicion in the future. You never know what is going on behind closed doors.

I loved this book, I lapped up every page, it definitely deserves 5 stars. It’s a cracking read that I highly recommend.

Here is the publishers blurb:

‘Don’t take my baby.’

Kirstie Rawlings is jolted awake by a child crying. Racing upstairs to check on her new-born, she is plunged into every parents’ worst nightmare. She hears an unknown voice in the baby monitor, saying: ‘Let’s take the child – and go.’

Is someone trying to steal her little girl?

In the bedroom, her daughter is safe asleep in her cot. Is the voice coming from a nearby house? But there aren’t any other children living on her quiet country road…

The police don’t believe her. And neither does her husband.

Kirstie knows something isn’t right. She thought she could trust her neighbours, now she isn’t sure. As she unravels the secrets of the people living on her street, Kirstie’s perfect life begins to fall apart.

Because someone is hiding a terrible lie. And they will do anything to stop Kirstie uncovering the truth. But is the danger closer to home than she thinks?

From the top ten bestselling author of The Secret Mother, this completely gripping psychological thriller will make you wonder what really goes on behind closed doors. And will keep you guessing from the first page until the final shocking twist.

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No Safe Place by Patricia Gibney – Book Review

No Safe Place is book 4 in the Lottie Parker series and what a fantastic read it is! I have enjoyed this whole series and I think each book gets better and better.

The words that first spring to mind are Bloody Brilliant! I loved it.

This book had me gripped right from the start, it was fast paced, full of energy and the action kept coming. Lottie is a woman on the edge, she is just about coping with life with the help of her pills but like a Rottweiler with a bone she doggedly investigates these crimes and doesn’t let up until she starts to see results.

I love the setting of this book, I can picture the small Irish town in my head as Lottie races round solving crimes. I did have some trouble with some of the Irish names, I have no idea how to pronounce them so as I was reading I probably had them all wrong in my head.

I do think that this book could be read as a stand-alone but I recommend reading the series from the start. You will get the background on Lottie and her team and anyway the books are great so you should read them!

I am going to give No Safe Place a big fat 5 stars, it really deserves it, it’s an entertaining read full of edge of the seat tension that you won’t want to put down.

Here is the publishers blurb on the book:

There’s nothing more dangerous than a familiar face…

As funeral mourners stand in silence at Ragmullin cemetery, a deafening cry cuts through the air. Lying crumpled at the bottom of an open grave is the bloodied body of a young woman, and Detective Lottie Parker is called in to investigate.

Knowing the body can’t have been there long, Lottie wonders if it could be Elizabeth Bryne, a young woman who vanished without trace just days earlier. And with a new boss who seems to have it in for her, Lottie is under pressure to solve both cases quickly.

As two more women go missing from Ragmullin, Lottie and her team fear there is a serial killer on the loose. And the disappearances are strikingly similar to a cold case from ten years earlier. Could history be repeating itself?

As journalists begin to interfere with Lottie’s investigation, she fears the killer is about to strike again. Lottie is in a race against time to find the missing women, but the killer is closer than she thinks. Could Lottie be his next target?

If you love Angela Marsons, Robert Bryndza and Rachel Abbott, you’ll love the latest pulse-pounding thriller from Patricia Gibney. No Safe Place will keep you guessing until the very last page.

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The Next Girl By Carla Kovach – Book Review

Just wow! If this isn’t your worst nightmare I don’t know what is.

Words to describe this book are terrifying, horrific and traumatising!

This book was FANTASTIC! It’s book 1 in the Gina Harte series and man what a first book to start a series. It’s hard hitting straight out of the gate and it pounds you in the face right through to the end. I picked this book up and had a real hard job putting it down. I was so sucked in to the story I just had to keep reading until it was way past bed time, even then I didn’t want to put it down.

The moral of this story is never ever accept a lift from ANYBODY!

Phew that was one rollercoaster ride of emotions I feel quite exhausted! A really fantastic book well worthy of 5 stars.

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The Retreat by Mark Edwards – Book Review

Wow this book blew my mind it was full on right from the first page and didn’t let up the whole way through.  It’s an edge of your seat type book, it’s tense, sad, creepy and dark.  

There are a few suspicious characters so I really couldn’t pick what was going to happen, was it an accident or an abduction?  Just when I thought I knew who the bad guy was another twist came up leading us in another direction.

This is my first book my Mark Edwards and I loved it, I will definitely be reading more.  The book was well written, it really did have my attention right from the first page and spat me out an emotional mess at the end.  Wow that ending, just Wow!

I am not going to give away any of the story, I hate spoilers, you can see a synopsis from the publishers below.  This book was good, really good and I highly recommend it.

I spent a very late night, not fun on a work night trying to get up the next morning but it was a case of just one more chapter, just one more chapter before I knew it, it was after midnight and I was ¾ of the way through the book.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and I have no hesitation in giving it 5 stars.

Here is the publishers blurb on the book:

A missing child. A desperate mother. And a house full of secrets.

Two years ago, Julia lost her family in a tragic accident. Her husband drowned trying to save their daughter, Lily, in the river near their rural home. But the little girl’s body was never found—and Julia believes Lily is somehow still alive.

Alone and broke, Julia opens her house as a writers’ retreat. One of the first guests is Lucas, a horror novelist, who becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to Lily. But within days of his arrival, the peace of the retreat is shattered by a series of eerie events.

When Lucas’s investigation leads him and Julia into the woods, they discover a dark secret—a secret that someone will do anything to protect…

What really happened that day by the river? Why was Lily never found? And who, or what, is haunting the retreat?

From the bestselling author of Follow You Home and The Magpiescomes his most terrifying novel yet.

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Call to Arms by Rachel Amphlett – Book Review

I love the Kay Hunter series by Rachel Amphlett so I was really excited to get this ARC in my inbox.  Thank you Rachel!
Call to Arms kept me on the edge of my seat it was a real page turner. It was full of twists and very cleverly written, I had no idea who the bad guy was right until the very end, there is no way I would have guessed it.  The outcome was quite shocking actually!  I was like wow didn’t see that one coming.

Page after page it kept delivering keeping me hanging on to every word.  Kay is such a great detective and has a really good team around her, together they are like a bunch a Rottweilers hanging on to the heels of a robber, not letting go until they figure the case out and bring it to resolution.   

I like how Kays partner Adam brings out her softer side, it’s a really nice contrast to the ballsy detective who never stops and always has her mind on the job even when she is physically and mentally exhausted.  It shows her as being human and vulnerable which is really nice to see.

I’m not going to go in to the story line of this book, you can read the authors blurb below from her website to get a precis on the book.  I prefer to give my opinion on the book not give out any spoilers, I hate spoilers, I like to read a book and have that WOW moment.  

You can of course read this book as a stand-alone novel but I would recommend that you read the series, not just because it’s a great series but it will give you some background and insight into Kay and her team.

I highly recommend this book it was great I really enjoyed it, I actually read it in super quick time because I couldn’t and didn’t want to put it down.  I am giving Call to Arms 5 stars, it really deserves it.

The book is due to be released on the 11th March and you can read more about the Kay Hunter series and Rachel Amphlett on her website at the link below. 

Here is the blurb on the book from Rachel’s website:

Loyalty has a price.

Kay Hunter has survived a vicious attack at the hands of one of the country’s most evil serial killers.

Returning to work after an enforced absence to recover, she discovers she wasn’t the only victim of that investigation. DI Devon Sharp remains suspended from duties, and the team is in turmoil.

Determined to prove herself once more and clear his name, Kay undertakes to solve a cold case that links Sharp to his accuser.

But, as she gets closer to the truth, she realises her enquiries could do more harm than good.

Torn between protecting her mentor and finding out the truth, the consequences of Kay’s enquiries will reach far beyond her new role…

Call to Arms is a fast-paced murder mystery, and the fifth in the Detective Kay Hunter series.

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Cold Heart by Stephen Edger – Book Review

Boom! What a bloody fantastic book. Wow what can I say, this book was amazing, I love the Kate Matthews series and this is my favourite so far.  

Totally didn’t see the ending coming, it was captivating, suspenseful and unputdownable. I was hanging on to every word not wanting to stop reading because I just had to know what was going to happen next.
Stephen Edger is fast becoming one of my favourite authors, I love his style of writing, his twisted plot lines and his ability to lead you a certain way so you think that you know what’s going to happen and then there’s the twist and then you get that WOW didn’t see that coming moment!

This is a seriously good book that I highly recommend, you really won’t regret reading this one.  I believe it could be read as a stand-alone novel but you really should read the series from book one to get the whole experience and background of the characters.

I’m not going to say too much more because I really don’t want to give anything away.  I want to give this six stars, I know I can’t but I am anyway because I really loved this book it’s going to have to be a spectacular book that knocks this one off my number one spot of the books read so far this year.

Here is the publishers blurb:

A missing girl. A killer with a deadly message…

It has been a week since anyone last saw fifteen-year-old Daisy, after she left her best friend’s house and started her short walk home. Detective Kate Matthews and her team have been looking for her ever since.

When a tip-off leads Kate to a disused gymnasium building at Daisy’s school, she is devastated to find no sign of the missing girl, but, as she investigates further, what she does find amongst the dusty benches and broken lockers shakes her to the core: a side-room covered in plastic and a small severed foot. Kate doesn’t know whether to be relived or horrified when the DNA results show the foot does not belong to Daisy.

Working all hours to find the link between both cases, Kate’s blood runs cold when a gift-wrapped box containing a human heart is delivered to her at the station. A twisted killer wants the attention of the victims’ families, but why send pieces of them back?

As Daisy’s last known movements are gradually retraced, suspicion falls on members of her family and activity on her Facebook account makes Kate hopeful she is still alive. Will Daisy be the killer’s next victim? Or is Kate prepared to risk life and limb to stop another innocent life from being taken?

This utterly unputdownable serial-killer thriller will have fans of Angela Marsons, Peter James and Helen Fields biting their nails long after the final twist has sunk in.

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