The Third Breath by Malcolm Hollingdrake

Bennett is back with a bang!

What a great story, it was thrilling, captivating and had me gasping in places. I mean seriously, who thinks this stuff up! I would love an imagination like Malcolm Hollingdrakes!

Cyril’s got some personal issues going on in this book with dealing with the death of his father, despite this he manages to keep his head in the game, with the trusty DS Owen at his side they work together to crack the case. I like Bennett and Owen as a team they are like chalk and cheese but somehow gel.

This is a great series of books and I was really looking forward to this one, it didn’t disappoint it was exciting, full of suspense and twists and had me reading late into the night unable to put the book down at bed time. It was a really engaging book which I thoroughly enjoyed.

This was a great book and is totally worthy of 5 stars!

Here is the publishers blurb on the book:

DCI Bennett is away on compassionate leave. After much soul-searching, he has decided to attend his father’s funeral.

DS Owen is left at the helm when the discovery of a body in a car in the multi-storey car park is reported. Initially, the Coroner rules out suspicious circumstances but when a second body is found with similar symptoms, Bennett is back in the fold. He suspects that the coincidences must be of some significance.

Soon Bennett’s team are hunting for a callous and devious killer who has covered his tracks effectively.

Will Bennett’s perseverance and attention to detail eventually crack this perplexing case?

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