Dead Lock by Damien Boyd – Book Review

Dead Lock

Dead Lock is book 8 in the DI Nick Dixon series.  I have been a huge fan of this series right from the start so was very excited to read this.  It didn’t disappoint. It was tense, full of drama and thrilling.

This book was excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed it, I read it in super quick time because I couldn’t put it down.  I had a couple of very early nights this week just so that I could go to bed and read it.  I just love the characters Nick, Jane and Monty and their relationship with each other.   I have a staffy like Monty so I love it when Staffords are in the books I read and are portrayed as they really are, kind, loyal and loving dogs and not some snarling, ferocious mad thing!

And oh man that ending!

I would definitely recommend Dead Lock it was a very entertaining read.  I recommend the whole series actually, it is an awesome series of books to read.  It would help if you read them in order as it helps with background and the relationship between Jane and Nick etc but saying that you could absolutely read this as a stand-alone and get the gist of the background story and enjoy it.

I have no hesitation in giving Dead Lock a very well deserved 5 stars, it was a bloody good read!

Here is the publishers blurb:

Early on a cold Somerset morning, ten year old Alesha Daniels is reported missing by her father, a violent alcoholic. Her mother, a known drug addict, is found unconscious, but it’s her mother’s boyfriend the police are keen to trace.

As the hunt for Alesha gathers pace, a second local girl is taken, plunging another family into the depths of despair.

Cutting short his holiday, DI Nick Dixon races home to join the Major Investigation Team, but no sooner has he identified a network of local suspects than they begin to show up dead.

At odds with his superiors, Dixon is convinced the child abductions are anything but random, but nobody is prepared for the investigation to lead quite so close to home.

Can Dixon and his team crack the case before all the suspects are silenced? And will he find the missing girls before it’s too late?


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1 Response to Dead Lock by Damien Boyd – Book Review

  1. Richard Stone says:

    Yet another series of books to start reading following this feedback. Don’t like reading a series out of order but in this case i will start with this and if i like it will go back to book 1.

    Thanks for sharing it with us all.


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