Watching You by Stephen Edger – Book Review


Wow this book was good, I really enjoyed it.  Kate is a very dedicated and driven police officer whose private life is a mess. You can’t help but like her.  She is trying hard but struggling at times to fit in with her new team and the arrival of her daughter. On top of this she has a killer to catch who always seems to be one step ahead.

This book has a lot going for it; it is gritty, brutally honest in places and full of suspense.  It also had a dark creepy atmosphere in places.  Can people really get into your house whilst you are at home and leave notes? – probably! I really found this book hard to put down. It totally had me engaged right the way through.

I really hope that this is the start of a series as I would love to read more books with this team of police officers.  Kate was great I feel that she may have a long but rocky career ahead of her!

This is the first book that I have read by Stephen Edger I am definitely going to check out his others in the kindle store as I really like his style of writing.  This was a cracking read!

Here is the Publishers blurb:

How do you catch a killer who knows your every move?

She drew the curtains and returned to the kitchen where she removed the bottle of vodka from the freezer and reached for the large kitchen knife. If he dared to come back, she’d be ready for him.

When a body is found hanging in the remains of a dock-side warehouse, Detective Kate Matthews is called to the scene. Recently transferred following the death of a colleague, Kate is yet to see a successful prosecution over the line. But this won’t be an easy win…

Someone is watching her: leaving her clues in her home, taunting her to throw the case and threatening the life of her little girl.

As more bodies begin to surface and Kate’s stalker closes in, her instincts tell her that there is a link hidden among the victims’ missing pieces. This is a killer with a message and Kate must race against the clock to solve his twisted riddle.

But at the end of this impossible puzzle lies an impossible choice…

A dark and compulsive cat-and-mouse thriller that will keep you guessing to the very last page. Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Sarah Hilary and Patricia Gibney.

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