Reading Can Be A Pain! Vision Impaired

I have a couple of rare eye diseases which give me significant vision impairment. This is really difficult for me as I love reading.  Sometimes I can’t see at all and I have to resort to audio books which I don’t really like but they are better than nothing, fortunately that doesn’t happen often.  Nothing beats reading yourself.

Reading was a real problem for me until I got my Kindle.  Wow that has really made a huge difference in my life.  I can now read all the time (apart from the rare blind times) and actually enjoy it without having to struggle to see the writing on the page.   When my eyes are at their best I have to have a big font still and wear magnifying glasses over my special contact lenses, but when my eyes are not great I have to have the most gigantic font.  It’s a pain because you don’t get many words on a page and I am constantly turning the page but at least I am still reading.  Once I was reading whilst waiting at the Eye Clinic for my appointment and the lady sitting next to me was like “holy crap that’s huge” and laughed.  I was like WTF and said “it’s an eye clinic what do you expect”.  I can laugh at myself but I sure as heck don’t expect strangers to laugh at me.

OMG the magnifying glasses are frustrating because I keep losing them, I think I have lost 4 pairs in 2 or 3 weeks.  At the weekend I went to my local cheapie shop and got 3 new pairs and a granny cord to hang them around my neck and hopefully can’t lose them now. One day I am going to find a stash of glasses all over the house! I am on day 3 and haven’t lost a pair yet so I am going really well.  I really have no idea where they are despite searching all over the house in the logical spots.  They are probably in really obvious spots and I am just not seeing them LOL

I take my eye disease very seriously but I can laugh at myself and not take the situation of having to use the giant font and losing my glasses too seriously.  This is my life, I get by and live a normal a life as possible and I can still read.  That’s the important thing, I can still read.

Reading makes me happy, it has helped me through some hard times and I can’t imagine my life without my Kindle in it.  I love how I can carry my whole library around with me.  I spend a lot of time sitting at the eye hospital; I can pull my Kindle out of my bag and read whilst I wait.  Awesome stuff!


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